Christian Jensen

1027 Englewood Ave
Victoria, BC V9C 2Y8
+1 (778) 996-4283
[email protected]


I am an engineer, innovator and mentor. I bring the ability to take a project from concept to completion. I bring skills in application design, application development process, human interface design, hardware integration, network architecture, database design, graphic design, web application development, business sense and enterprise experience.


I have significant experience working on projects from concept to completion using various software development lifecycle processes.

From the plug to the pixel, I have the skill set to design, implement and document a very broad range of hardware and software solutions. Crafting anything from prototypes to mission critical applications. I am confident that I will be an asset to your organization both in implementation and mentoring. I have deep experience in scalable architectures, user interface design, information architecture, cloud implementations and improving developer velocity. I have seen many years as a hands-on software developer, software development manager, product manager and technology architect. I have designed and implemented on numerous tiers of Domestic and International business. My contributions to your company will be wide and deep. I will exercise my ‘Big Picture’ mentality and forward-thinking to provide a technical advantage to your company.


Tech Lead/Staff Engineer October 2017 - Present
San Francisco, California (Remote)

  • Migration from Colocation to AWS Cloud
  • ITGC Control implementation
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Cross team mentoring
  • Terraform with CI/CDel
  • Cloud optimization
  • CI/CDep/CDel
  • Observability and alerting
  • Service dependency graph
  • Ingress traffic routing
  • Cloud cost optimizations
  • Agile methodologies
  • Incident response automation

Technologies implemented, managed and maintained: AWS Terraform Okta Github Gitlab Sentry Python Golang Ruby Nginx Redis Memcached Rails Sidekiq Chef OpenVPN Cloud Okta Advanced Server Access Jira Confluence Fastly Pagerduty Datadog Fluentd Cassandra MySQL ProxySQL

Director of Technology April 2014 - October 2017
Vancouver, BC (Remote)

  • Design, Plan and Implement numerous in-house projects
    • AI and ML projects
    • VR and 360 projects
    • User engagement web and mobile products
  • Support all 17 companies on all technical needs:
    • Design and build a datacenter in Save On Foods Memorial Center (network, UPS and diesel generator)
    • Design and implement datacenter observability and alerting
    • Design a means of collecting environmental datapoints of all facilities
    • Design WiFi services across all facilities
    • Architect SDN and WAN Strategy
    • Implement company wide VoIP services and supporting QoS requirements
    • Maintain and manage all web properties and related services
    • Support 100+ Windows and Mac workstations from purchase, upgrading to retirement of all software and hardware
    • Innovate on new R&D projects that support the various facilities
  • Design and implement network services for several external events
  • Execute corporate SR&ED activities

Senior Software Architect/Team Lead February 2010 - April 2014
Vancouver, BC

  • Design and implement CI with Jenkins and Ansible in multiple environments ensuring consistent builds from Developer to Development to Staging and finally Production
  • Ensure development Epics and Sprints are accounted for on the Task Board (JIRA)
  • Build a code coverage system ran by unit tests for each commit
  • Automate the entire build chain using a DevOps mentality. Code controls the build and desired state of all machines from developer to server
  • Overhaul the internal computational engine reducing computation time from 18 hours down to 5 minutes leveraging BLAS
  • Ensure uptime of service including geo-redundancy scenarios and time lagged database replication
  • On call 24/7 in the event of any emergency
  • Hire and mentor team on numerous projects
  • Grow services from just NHL to other sports using a generalized database architecture
  • Manage hiring and mentoring of new developers and support staff
  • Support multilingual software development and updates
  • Implement Boxpool games, Open games, realtime stats, Site wide chat, Enable mobile, Nightly emails, Marketing emails, Trading enhancements, Audit Log, Online Draftroom, Paypal payment processor
  • Optimize database to allow for year over year data storage (previously system had to be purged each year)
  • Python, Numpy, Bash, Angular, LESS, Java, SQL, RabbitMQ

Software Architect September 2009 - January 2010
Vancouver, BC

  • Design and develop in-call ad server leveraging external (Voodoovox, Jingle) and internal voice based ad sources.
  • Design Nexidia speech recognition and profiling solution for caller greetings and customer service analytics.
  • Instrumental in move from traditional waterfall based SDLC over to agile (scrum + Continuous Integration based)
  • Built a BizTalk deployment system that allows for simple, reliable and virtually foolproof installation and deployment (inspired by BDF)
  • Designed and developed a multi environment, global configuration management system.
  • Built Data Warehousing mechanisms into all software for better cubing (simpler ETL statements via better upfront normalization)
  • Adherence to PCI DSS level 2 standards by system, database and network design.

Software Development Manager March 2009 - September 2009
Vancouver, BC

  • Manage a team of 5 senior developers
  • Built the companies first Continuous Integration server
  • Migrate VSS to SVN
  • Foster the idea of developer documentation forking off business documentation
  • Integrated a new Premium SMS payment platform into the existing BizTalk architecture using VeriSign and MXTelecom APIs)
  • Design and implement a bolt on solution to take a legacy NPA-NXX only system and allow it to process full E.164 numbers
  • Managed migration of 11 application BizTalk installation from 2004 to 2006R2 (COM to C# conversion)
  • Implement telephony payment solution
  • Implement Experian PreciseId solution
  • Attended ClueCon

VP of Technology July 2007 - February 2009
Vancouver, BC

  • Hire, Manage and Mentor development and QA team - 5 Mid to Senior Developers + 1 QA
  • Provisioned and Managed ~$700k budget - stayed well within that budget
  • Provided political filtering for my team
  • Designed and engineered entire technical architecture
  • Implemented significant amount of the core infrastructure including database schema
  • Mixed Agile and TDD environment (Unit Tests + User Stories + QA)
  • Rapid turnaround of direct business impacting applications
  • Directly influence product roadmap and service offering
  • Registered shortcodes with CWTA, CSCA and CTIA via several SMS aggregators - MyThum, Magnet Mobile, Dyocore (2chatter), Verisign, OpenMarket
  • Neustar UltraDNS services administrator
  • Panther Express Content Distribution Network
  • Silverpop API and administration
  • Asterisk and Freeswitch connectivity to C#
  • H323 and SIP (g729r8 encoding)
  • Designed and implemented Least Cost Routing with several levels of preferencing and priority for out VOIP switch
  • Worked with multiple VOIP vendors to provide routes, negotiated rates (ThinkTel, Gafachi, Link2Voip, Packet8, AllStream, Huntington, Eurotel,
  • Installed and configured Kannel (open source modem and SMPP client)
  • Built HTTP POST classes to allow for full connectivity to various providers via Kannel and direct HTTP connection - Full Delivery reports as well as message routing based on Least Cost routing and Carrier knowledge (for shortcodes as well as GSM [senderid] enabled phones)
  • Message source and destination intelligent routing when multiple pathways exist - least business cost, least network cost, higher performance, geographic distance, return path weighting
  • XMPP Component development for custom packets communicating to .NET and Flex/AIR via OpenFire server
  • Microsoft Outlook .NET development - connect to XMPP server and sync all contacts. Developed as an AddIn and then as an external application
  • Configured and managed entire network - Active Directory + LDAP Auth for Linux servers, DNS, DHCP, ISA Firewall, Site-to-Site VPN
  • Managed external managed datacenter - NI Solutions
  • Deployed to Peer1 and Metrobridge datacenter - 24 servers in all.
  • Developed a scalable Assign and Pickup queueing mechanism for medium latency/high scalability messaging
  • Developed overall system monitoring application using internal probes - virtually a live unit test
  • Integrate an extremely intelligent fraud prevention scheme for not only service fraud, but payment fraud as well.
  • Integrated into the OpenX ad server API for various tasks
  • Active Directory, DHCP, DNS implementation
  • SNMP Monitoring using Nagios, Xenoss and Cacti

Senior Software Architect January 2006-July 2007
Vancouver, BC

  • Managed a team of 4 Low to Mid level Java, C, C++ developers
  • Extend internal methods to external developers via SOAP and REST (JSON)
  • Engineered and Implemented:
    • Bidirectional SMS routing subsystem
    • Outlook Integration Software
    • Internet Explorer Toolbar
    • SMS Google Gadget
    • Picture & Ring-tone Storage/Delivery
  • SMS infrastructure development (SMPP and Modem)
  • Improve overall reliability of SMS delivery
  • Implemented real-time network status notifications.
  • Built system dashboard/overview application (Near Real-time Graphs)
  • Revised and Managed many of the internal business processes
  • Build system and code base management (Move from CVS to SVN, Software Life Cycle, IDE standardization)
  • New developer hiring/mentoring
  • Overhaul payment/billing systems
  • Design and develop Premium SMS/Binary content delivery and Management/Reporting system
  • Integrate logging and revise exception handling process
  • Convert many user facing web interfaces to use the AJAX metaphor
  • Intense .NET 2.0 and Java (struts, spring and hibernate) platform development
  • QA and testing of developed interfaces
  • Database Schema development/redevelopment, implementation of ETL applications (ERD generation, database versioning and migration)
  • Data warehousing and physical hardware installation/maintenance
  • High availability Database reorganization
  • Gather requirements and develop documentation

Product Manager July 2004 - December 2005
Seattle, WA

  • User Interface design for both embedded device and desktop deployments
  • Interactive Web Application Design (AJAX, PHP, Python, SOAP)
  • Implicit’s Media Metadata synchronization Web Service (REST, XMLRPC, SOAP, XSLT)
  • Product Management of Implicit’s Server, Player and embedded Player (AMD AU1200, Intel PXA-270)
  • Hiring and Mentoring Developers
  • Account Management
  • Program Management and functional/technical specification generation
  • SDLC, QA, Unit Testing and Build on continuous/concurrent build systems.
  • Clients include: Thomson (RCA), Philips, NEC, Sharp, Canon, Sigma, nVidia, Inventec, IMT, AMD, Intel, FIC, GoVideo
  • Business Process analysis and development
  • Debug internals of the BSP (Board Support Package) and boot prom with fail-safe

Tribalfire Software

Senior Software Engineer April 2003 - May 2004
Austin, TX

  • Installed and updated core software product
  • Assisted in raising first round funding
  • Clients include: Jet Aviation, Airbus, Boeing, Kingdom Holdings
  • Evolve software core software product
  • Requirements gathering and project specification documentation

Orbik Corporation

Partner November 2001 - April 2003
Austin, TX

  • Transition out of service based company to product based
  • Web Marketing, Application Design and Implementation Services (Professional Services)
  • Clients include: Studio RD, Interland, Waveset
  • Interactive software services for Bingo Books
  • RFP and project specification for each project
  • Business to Technology group Liaison

Human Code

Lead Programmer September 1999 - October 2001
Austin, TX

  • Develop interactive, web based learning software for the University of Texas
  • Interactive media experience for Becomm for CES 2001
  • Epcot installation for Motorola
  • Project Scoping
  • Deliverable Signoff

Self Employed

Proprietor 1996 - 1999
Austin, TX

  • Interactive Multimedia for the B2B sector
  • Human Interface design and prototype
  • Design and Develop SAP/R3 interaction models
  • Clients include: Human Code, Compaq, Dell, Disney, Frog Design, GSD&M, Halliburton, IBM, Motive, Motorola, National Instruments, Mattel

Digital Arts

Director of Technology 1995 - 1996
Austin, TX

  • Provided insight into new technologies, new business opportunities and new project concepts.
  • New business development.
  • Interface design and interactive software programming.
  • Grew the company from 5 to 25 people

Programmer 1992 - 1994
Austin, TX

  • Interactive Multimedia Development in Director for CDROM distribution
  • Major constituent directives and prototype implementation for the Dual project for frogdesign.
  • Several high profile multimedia projects for clients including: Texas Instruments, Commodore, AMD, Grundig

RJL Graphics

Systems Administrator 1989 - 1992
Austin, TX

  • Instrument calibration and process control procedures.
  • Various PostScript and design related debugging operations.
  • Work flow management and resource allocation responsibilities.
  • Provided telephone support for clients with questions and assistance with troubleshooting.
  • File Conversion Services
  • Image Retouching

Holiday Diagnostic Clinic

Systems Manager 1986 - 1989
Holiday, FL

  • Management of 32+ Macintosh systems and associated AppleTalk network.
  • Installed and updated several redundant S-100 based CP/M minicomputers.
  • Reports generation and daily backups.
  • Telephone system management.
  • Process management and patient flow optimization.

Electronic Systems Processing

Apprentice 1984 - 1986
Tarpon Springs, FL

  • Electronic Design
  • Repair and resale of Micom Leased Line multiplexers
  • Vehicle Painting
  • Production and configuration of PC Systems

Focus Areas

  • Languages: Terraform, Python, Ruby, TypeScript, Javascript, Java, C#
  • Cloud: AWS
  • IDE: PyCharm, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code
  • Build Tools - Github Actions, Gitlab CI/CD, Jenkins
  • Virtualization - Docker, Kubernetes, QEMU, VMWare, VirtualBox
  • Server Side App Dev - Django, Rails
  • Mobile - Android app development, SMS
  • UI/UX - Bootstrap, React, Svelte, Vue
  • Database Servers/Software - PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL Replication, MySQL, MySQL Replication, Elasticsearch clustering
  • Networking - Routing, DNS
  • Operating Systems - Linux, OSX, Windows

Other Interests

Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Analog Electronics, Linear ICs, Audio Amplifier Design, High Voltage/High Frequency Electronics, Low Voltage/High Current electronics, Digital Electronics, Discrete Logic, Microprocessor Logic,